Wheat Down Under

With Winter fast approaching, one of our priorities as mothers with growing children is, “They need new clothes!!” In my case, one gets hand-me-downs (poor kid), while the eldest seems to need to go up another 2 sizes!

Finding childrens clothing that ticks all the boxes is a hard feat and we, as mums, often struggle to find the time to search. Well, look no further because I have you sorted! For boys wear, girls wear and baby wear, Wheat Down Under have you covered!

“Made with organic cottons, quality fabrics, as well as being ethically produced AND have clothing for up to 14 years kids!!” 

Wheat kidswear is Danish- designed of high-quality, comfortable and durable to withstand tough weather. Lizette, Casper and Lasse are the family who have brough Wheat Down Under to Australia giving you the option to buy affordable, high-quality kids wear.

When dressing my boys, the first thing that I look for is neutral colours, which are easy to co-ordinate and layer with. I don’t like anything too busy on the design, I don’t like too much colour or pattern (fussy much haha) which generally makes it hard to source clothing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Danish design kids wear never fails to impress with its suave, classy, sophisticated and timeless look for boys clothing.

wheatdownunderblog2 (1 of 1)

Annaleise wears – Dress Oda (size4)

Jack wears- Polo Anchor SS – Navy (size6)

Lucas wears- Polo Anchor ss – Navy (size4)

Who better to dress my children than a mother herself!? Owner and designer Charlotte Galsgaard started designing at humble beginnings in her garage with the intention of creating high quality pieces for children and babies that carried mobility and high fashion designs.

One thing i’ve noticed with having boys especially is that you can not compromise for quality. You really do pay for what you get! I endlessly seem to be buying new cheap shirts because they can’t withstand the daily wear. The quality, the look, the simplistic design (drawn and designed by the leading lady herself!), the comfort, the aesthetic is eye-catching and always gets so many compliments when the children wear it.

wheatdownunderblog (1 of 1)

(Nautical, designs drawn by Charlotte herself)

Jack wears – T-Shirt Sailboat SS (size6)

Lucas wears- T-Shirt Compass SS (size4)

These shirts are perfect of the boys! They have a statement drawing as the feature being suited to almost any age group and can be dressed casually or dressed up for a more formal occasion. They are light, they are soft, they are comfortable above all.

wheatdownunderblog3 (1 of 1)

Jack & Lucas wears – Knit Pullover Adam (size6 & size4)

Ok, now you can’t go past matching knits for boys! There’s something so eye-catching and cute when you’re kids match!!! Come on now, give mumma all the hugs because these knits are the softest, lightest, most breathable i’ve ever had for my children. Remember what I said about quality, Wheat Down Under never sacrifice quality!

wheatdownunderblog4 (1 of 1)

Jack, Lucas & Annaleise wears – Boy Pyjamas Rib LS (size6, size4 & size4)

August wears (Left) – Jumpsuit Thomas (size9mth) (Right)- Jumpsuit Dove (size9mth)

With what started as a mother wanting to make clothes for her three children, has now expanded to more than she could ever have hoped for! With agents around the world in Scandinavia, USA, China, Canada and now also in New Zealand and Australia, I am confine that Wheat’s Scandinavian style and quality will be a great success with Australian customers!






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